Personal Hygiene: What’s your role? 

  1. You provide supports to a young man who drools due to a severe cleft palate. To assist him with maintaining his personal appearance, you might take him to purchase several sets of men’s handkerchiefs, teach him how to wipe his chin if needed, or do it for him on a routine basis.
  2. You help a person find a dentist who accepts reduced rates for low income patients.
  3. One of the people in your day support program has a new concern with wetting themselves. You alert the program manager, residential staff, or support coordinator so the team can identify the cause, such as medical problems, behavioral communication, or depression, and find a solution. In the meantime, you find short-term fixes, such as keeping an extra change of clothing at the day program.
  4. A man you support comes to breakfast wearing sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt on a hot August morning. He works outside at Wal-Mart. You help him select and change into clothing that is more appropriate for the weather.