Work: What’s your role?

  • Adopt the belief that everyone can work.
  • Support a person in believing that he/she can work in the community.
  • Talk to the person about what he/she wants to do for a job. When out in the community, talk about the tasks people are doing in their jobs. Ask if the person would like to do any of those tasks as a job.
  • Encourage the employment team to look at a person’s gifts and abilities and what they can offer an employer.
  • Think creatively about the types of organizations and jobs that could match a person’s skills and strengths.
  • Document the type of supports a person will need to be successful on a job.
  • Familiarize yourself with services that specialize in job development and job support.
  • Believe in the person. Believe in his/her dreams, and be supportive if things don’t go right the first time.