Alternatives to isolating programs: What’s your role?

  • Try to avoid “homelike facilities” in a business district or isolated from other people. If considering buying a home where you would like to live with a person with disabilities, look at nice neighborhoods which offer many opportunities for everyone to be a part of the community.
  • Support the person to find a job with a plan for them to one day work independently or as independently as possible. Try to help the person find natural resources in the work place, like another employee who can provide reminders, support and encouragement. Instead of paid transportation, find someone with whom he/she can catch a ride to work. These supports are more natural.
  • Find creative ways for people to participate in their home, work, and community. If the person can’t do a particular thing, keep trying until you find something he/she can do. Remember, everyone has contributions to make to their community; it is up to us to find their talents.