Natural supports: What’s your role?

  • Find out who is already in a person’s life (including immediate and extended family members) and encourage/facilitate continuing and deepening those relationships.
  • Figure out where people are already providing natural support in someone’s life and help this continue.
  • As you are out and about in the community, take notice of people who show interest in getting to know the person you support. Don’t be afraid to help the person meet new people, which can lead to new friendships and more support in the person’s life.
  • Also note when you meet people with similar interests as the person you support. Find a volunteer to accompany them on a specific activity in which they are both interested. Consider that the person you support may have an interest he/she has never had a chance to put into action, such as going to baseball games, hiking, listening to gospel music, taking a cooking class, walking around the neighborhood, and/or taking a drive in the country.